Local Classes in Western Massachusetts

I teach a robust schedule of classes in Greenfield and Northampton. Scroll down for details on class times and locations, to purchase class cards, and to learn more about what to expect in class with me.

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Molly’s yoga classes have helped me to challenge myself in ways that are fun and nourishing. This has helped me to be more connected with my body and more accepting of myself. I’ve learned to be more open & flexible in response to challenges, and also to be more aware of my own needs and distinct perspective.
— Zenobia from Northampton, MA.

Greenfield Weekly Classes

All classes take place at Community Yoga, 16 Federal Street, Greenfield, MA.

Tuesday morning: 7-8am Form & Flow

Friday morning: 7-8am Form & Flow

Saturday morning: 10-11:30 Hatha Yoga Lab

Northampton Weekly Class

Class is held at Ashtanga Yoga Northampton, 23 Main Street, 2nd Floor

Tuesday evening: 6:15-7:30pm Hatha Yoga Lab

(Please note this is not an Ashtanga practice, I simply rent the studio from the good folks at AYN.)

What Do Those Class Titles Mean Anyway?

Form & Flow: Creative flow sequences utilize the intelligence of alignment to encourage safety and sustainable advancement of your practice. This class is all-levels, relatively fast-paced, and more focused on asana and pranayama than on philosophy. It's a get-into-your-body-and-wake-up hour that'll leave you feeling ready to take on the day.

Hatha Yoga Lab: In this all-levels class, we explore asana, pranayama and philosophical themes more deeply. We'll use the yoga mat as a "laboratory" to explore physicality as well as the mind, emotions, and heart. Expect a healthy dose of challenge, fun, and inner connection. 


What To Expect In A Class With Me

My classes combine physical rigor with attention to detail, balanced by humor, mythic stories, and a discerning spiritual philosophy.

You might also expect a healthy dose of:

  • geeking out on anatomy
  • relating what we're doing on the mat to our lives off the mat
  • contemplations that linger after practice
  • camaraderie and community
  • the occasional eruption of laughter


An Important Note

I am a firm believer in personal choice and empowerment, as well as healthy challenges. We're always playing that edge in yoga practice, but it is ultimately and ALWAYS your choice about what you do with your body.

I frequently offer alternatives and possibilities for different bodies, and you can always modify or opt out of any aspect of practice that doesn't feel right to you.

This is one reason I use Yoga Consent Cards in all of my classes where I offer the possibility of physical touch. The cards provide a simple and easy way for us to communicate about whether or not you'd like to receive hands-on assists. 

Bottom line: you know your body best. Yoga can help you get to know it even better. 

See you on the mat!