Staying The Course With A Home Yoga Practice (YOGA@HOME : 3 out of 3)

This is the third blog post in a 3-part series on building a home yoga practice to accompany my free Practice Guide YOGA@HOME. It began with the all important aspect of SPACE then added in the layer of SEQUENCING, and we’re finishing up this week with STAYING THE COURSE.

Check out the previous weeks if you missed them, and be sure to get your FREE Yoga@Home Practice Guide that I made to help you personalize and systematize your home practice.

Anchor Your Practice Through Balance

Home practice is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. As with all asana practice, part of the magic of the practice is the personalized routines that come from self-reflection and a deep inner knowing that bubbles up over time as we build a healthy relationship with ourselves. It evolves with us as we anchor ourselves in present moment awareness. It transforms as we do--in terms of physical strength (and injury) as well as mental and emotional resiliency (and hardship).

Yoga Sequencing Strategies For Home Practice (YOGA@HOME : 2 out of 3)

To have a plan (or not)...

This week's blog post will help you get organized for a rewarding home practice regimen by learning how to effectively create asana sequences.

I know that once I began really thinking about sequencing, my practice advanced more quickly and clearly than I'd thought possible.

Sometimes jumping on your yoga mat (or crawling onto your mat, for that matter) without the slightest clue what you’re going to practice is delicious, expansive, and rejuvenating. This sort of spontaneity can tap into our deepest intuition and can result in asana and meditation practices we could’ve never dreamed up logically ahead of time.

Create The Space For Home Practice (YOGA@HOME : 1 out of 3)

It took years for me to feel motivated and confident enough to practice yoga at home.

I remember getting on my mat, practicing a few postures, but then feeling stumped…that ”okay, what now?” feeling. I didn’t feel like I knew enough about alignment or sequencing to go it alone. So I kept going to classes, learning more, and falling in love with this powerful practice.

Eventually I DID feel confident about my knowledge of physical postures, yet I unearthed another barrier: straight up lack of MOTIVATION.

One thing I really appreciate about going to a yoga class: Somebody else tells me what to do for 90 minutes! Hallelujah, no decision fatigue, I just get to follow along, occasionally modifying to suit my body and energy level.