Adhikara Yoga School's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is powerful, this much is obvious.

It's also complex, ever-evolving and anything but monolithic or homogeneous!

I created Adhikara Yoga School to foster an environment where students could look deeply into the challenging questions concerning modern postural yoga as well as the ancient practices and philosophies.


The next Yoga Teacher Training is scheduled to begin Fall 2019. Full details & Early Bird registration will be available mid-January 2019.

We don't shy away from discussions about access, cultural appropriation, ableism, dogma and politics.

Instead, we aim to utilize the liberatory practices and philosophies presented in yoga as tools with which to analyze and address these problematic aspects of yoga as we see it in the U.S. today.

This certainly doesn't mean we're perfect or have all the answers! But as a community of practice, we are deeply engaged in the process of learning (and un-learning) so that we can more clearly align our actions with our values.


What does this word Adhikara have to do with me?

The Sanskrit word Adhikara can be translated to mean, "the qualities of studentship." In our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, we engage with many different qualities of being a student of yoga and a student of life.

These include: discernment, self-reflection, discipline, compassion, adaptability, tenacity, and humility.

Rather than hand students cookie-cutter answers, we equip our teacher-trainees with the critical thinking and self-reflective tools to choose a relationship with yoga that feels genuine to them.


The result is a rigorous, grounded, relevant training perfect for socially-engaged yoga practitioners wishing to deepen their own practice or learn the essential skills of teaching yoga.

My guest faculty and I have diverse areas of expertise, including Buddhist philosophy, neurobiology, Tantric perspectives, bio-mechanical alignment, trauma-informed methodology, and creative asana sequencing.

We are very committed to making this training financially accessible, especially to those who are underrepresented in the current yoga scene. We have a robust scholarship fund as well as payment plans to help get a wider range of teachers out there representing the fullness of our communities!